Warehouse 13: Season One

By Kim Parobek: Welcome to my new favorite show!

Warehouse 13 is the latest gem from the SyFy network. I devoured the entire first season in 3 days! The premise is the existence of a top-secret warehouse where mystical artifacts are stored to keep the public safe (think warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark). The warehouse is a magical place where anything can happen. Artifacts turn up all over the world, and can have a wide range of powers from military dodge balls that multiply on contact to Edgar Allen Poe's pen that can make things happen by writing them. The potential storytelling is endless.

Great characters make great shows and Warehouse 13 is no exception. First and foremost is Artie, the brains behind the operation. He scours newspaper stories and the internet for odd events that could be artifact related. Saul Rubinek, who has been in SO many movies and TV shows, finally has a role that was made for him! Artie is assisted by Claudia (Allison Scagliotti), his young genius assistant who helps him modernize the ancient mechanical systems. Then we have Myka & Pete, our loveable agents that investigate and retrieve the artifacts. Myka (Joanne Kelly) is the by-the-book, over-achiever agent while Pete is the laid-back, screw-up agent. They are opposites that drive each other crazy but have a natural chemistry. Hopefully the show will put any romance on a slow burn. It's way too early for these two to get together. CCH Pounder is a nice casting coup as Mrs. Frederic, the mysterious boss who appears out of nowhere and never seems to age. It's an eclectic group of characters with believable camaraderie.

The DVD presentation is excellent for a television show. SyFy has surprisingly good production values for their series considering how cheesy most of their movies are. The colors are brilliant and rich without being oversaturated. The CGI is sometimes obvious but it doesn't distract from the entertaining stories. The soundtrack is also good. The surrounds aren't super busy but they do kick in from time to time. The dialogue is mostly clear. The extras are decent. Several episodes have commentary tracks or deleted scenes. There are a couple featurettes and a sneak preview of season two.

Warehouse 13: Season One is an excellent balance of humor, adventure, and whimsy. There is so much potential here that Season One is a good investment.

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